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Barbara SjoholmAn Editor’s Guide to Working with Authors


I’m a professional editor and a member of Editors Canada with a certificate in editing through Simon Fraser University (SFU). I specialize in editing non-fiction, working with self-publishing authors, and helping non-profit organizations. I also edit fiction, poetry, and online content, and I’m open to other types of creative projects.


I offer the following editing services:

  • Structural Editing — looking at big-picture issues like content, organization, and permissions
  • Stylistic Editing — line editing, looking at coherence, flow, and voice
  • Copy Editing — a word by word edit for accuracy, consistency, and correctness of grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Proofreading — correcting errors for details around layout, text, and visual elements
  • Content Editing — online editing with established house styles and following SEO principles
  • Formatting and Design — creating files ready for print and ebook publishing utilizing both Adobe InDesign and Vellum software (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files for Apple, Google, Ingram Spark, Kindle–Amazon, Kobo, and Nook)
  • Manuscript Evaluations

Editors Canada has a detailed breakdown of these types of editing here. I’m happy to discuss with you further the type of edit you’re looking for or complete an assessment of your writing to determine what kind of edit is needed.

I believe in helping writers and organizations hone and perfect their message for their intended audience while maintaining authorial vision and voice as much as possible.

Writing Sample

For large manuscripts, I will typically ask you to send me a ten-page writing sample in Microsoft Word format, along with a word count, page count, and an outline of the type of edit you require. I provide a ten-page sample edit and feedback for any recommended changes before I start a full edit.


Costs can vary depending on the type of editing required and the level of writing involved. We can discuss project costs in more detail, and I will outline these in a standard editing contract.


I provide feedback via memos, email, and track changes in Microsoft Word, however, I’m open to other means of communicating with you, including any number of messaging services. I also provide a style sheet or style guide to ensure consistency in your project or writing.

Get In Touch

Please contact me to provide details of your project, to discuss a collaboration or any questions you may have, and/or to receive a quote for my editing services. You can also contact me by email at editor@deegy.ca.

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