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A cloudy but serene view of tall pine trees and a foggy valley between hillsides on Bowen Island, from Rivendell Retreat Centre.
A view from Rivendell Retreat Centre, on Bowen Island, Canada. Fog rolling in and out of the surrounding hills and pine trees. February 2007.
A snow-laden mountain landscape of Lake Louise glacier and its surrounding pine trees, with fog rolling overhead.
Taking in the pristine winter landscape during a December visit to Lake Lousie, Alberta. December 2011.
Two woman, with grass brooms, sitting on a step, clothed in bright yellow and red saris and shirts, against an arcade of arches and columns.
Sweepers taking a break at the City Palace in Jaipur, India. I enjoyed seeing the bright and colorful saris everywhere and the picturesque architectural backdrops. August 2018.

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